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Your work demands up-to-date commercial property information you can trust.  We’ve built a suite of informational products that aim to satisfy your need for comprehensive, accurate and up to date insight.


Find verified sales comparables.  Analyze market conditions.  Review source documents.  Contact the true dealmakers.
Products for Appraisers 

Identify property for lease and for sale.  Compare competing properties and portfolios.  Monitor competitors.  Generate presentation-quality reports.  Prospect new clients.  Analyze market trends.
Products for Brokers 

Financial Services
Enhance loan origination and underwriting.  Evaluate risks.  Benchmark properties and portfolios against true peers.
Products for Financial Services  

Acquire or sell property.  Forecast market trends.  Monitor competitive properties.
Products for Owners/Developers 

Find the best locations.  Compare asking rents.  Track competitors.  Analyze co-tenancy.  Demographics.  Sales comparables.
Products for Retail  

Vendors & Other Specialists
Optimize sales.  Track rent rolls.  Prospect for new clients.  Identify moving, expanding, or downsizing companies and more.
Products for Vendors & Other Specialists


With CoStar, we can identify comparables before we leave the office, which saves us a lot of time, aggravation and money. I would strongly recommend to any serious appraiser.end quote

Richard Shorter, SRA, SCGREA
Chief Appraisal Officer
Columbia Bank

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